Women of the University Community

The Women of the University Community (WUC) will be disbanded as of September 15, 2021. All annual scholarships will continue to be awarded.

The WUC was founded in1927 by some amazing and formidable women and for over 90 years the organization succeeded in providing support for women and education. Beginning in1969, three scholarships were created to honor Beverly Whaley (ESF), Mildred Eggers (UC), and Ruth Tolley (Falk). These scholarships eventually became endowed and since have awarded over $200,000 to deserving women scholars. They will continue.

Anyone wishing to apply for one of these scholarships, please contact the SU Department of Financial Aid (Mildred Eggers or Ruth Tolley), or the ESF Foundation (Beverly Whaley).

Individuals who wish to make a donation to any of the 3 endowed scholarship funds should send a check (payable to):
• Syracuse University, specifying the Mildred Eggers Award or the Ruth Tolley Award, or
• The SUNY-ESF Foundation, specifying the Beverly Whaley Award.
We thank Syracuse University as well as all current and past supporters and members of the WUC for your dedication and support throughout the years.

If you have questions, please contact Esther Gray (president) at eegray46@gmail.com.