A big thank you to everyone who attended, donated, and worked to make today’s 90th Anniversary Celebration and Scholarship Lunch “THE” most spectacular event you can imagine. Many went home happy with goodies from the raffle, guests donated generously to the Hendricks Chapel food pantry, and we all met the 2018 very-deserving scholarship recipients.

Furthermore, many thanks go to the Genesee Grande for the scrumptious food and courteous, helpful staff.

It was so good to see some old friends and meet new ones. I gave lots of hugs but if I missed you, there is always next time. If you weren’t able to attend, you were greatly missed…and I really mean that.

The WUC is a great organization, filled with potential friends for life. I promise there will be more fun activities and opportunities in the future so check out our website, follow our Facebook page, and watch for my emails.


Until next time,



Esther Gray